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Though I have to admit I do still need help from a lot of people for financial miracles from a LOA point of view. Setting an intention now, for enjoying the adventure, appreciating the exhilaration of wind in my hair, and anticipating amazing expansion at every stage of the trip, no matter whether I can see it or not.

Hi Olivia, if you pop your chart up in the gallery, we can take a look, here in the chat, or on the live call.

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Shout out if you need a hand with the steps. Just go to the Gallery Upload Page and follow the steps. Do let me know if you have any trouble with the upload page, or joining the free, or full, membership. My birthday October 29, at am in Clovis, ca.

My first Saturn Return is this December for only the month of December. Olivia, the free membership also includes access to the first course, Essential Astrology and the Law of Attraction.

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Info here! Planets Out of Bounds. Planets Out of Bounds October 23, By Kim. Out of Bounds in the Natal Chart.

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  5. Above are my OOB major planets. Right away, think unconventional thoughts. It can be artistic, but can it be trained? Not easily, at least, not in the classical sense. Not inside the bounds. Do you have a natal planet OOB?

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    Out of Bounds by Transit When an OOB planet transits a sensitive point in your chart, you can be sure it will wake up in wild and zany ways. Like this: Like Loading Janette Dalgliesh. Olivia Hatfield. Thoughts or question go here Please COPY your text first, just in case.

    Phil Feger is a professional astrologer and an advocate for Earth and the Universe. Search for:.

    The Meaning Of "Out-Of-Bounds"

    Mercury Out of Bounds. But I try, nonetheless! Other, more uniformly-distributed traits of people with Mercury out of bounds: They do not communicate within the standards of dominant culture. They will return your texts or e-mails whenever they feel ready.

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    They are not concerned with expressing themselves inoffensively. To them, they speak only truth. They may use obscure diction. They often make surprising statements or observations. Email whitetaildoeastrology gmail.

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