Leo and leo ascendant compatibility

Descendant Aquarius and Ascendant Leo: learn more about your compatibility

When it physical appearance, there is no one more beautiful than the Leo rising man or woman. They are tall and well-built with a large body frame. They have a broad body with expressive eyes and an authoritative demeanor.

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You look generous and energetic which makes people automatically look up to you. Test Now! When it comes to love and relationships, people with their ascendant in Leo make dominating partners. Instead they take life at full-force, soaking up everything good around them, and making sure to share it. They believe more in flirting than settling down in stable relationships. They are afraid to commit to their partner, even if they are deeply in love. Sexual compatibility is a must in all their relationships. Yet overall, the Leo ascendant sign people are high-spirited and exuberant. These lions can be rather impulsive, making spur-of-the-moment decisions and dealing with the consequences later.

Their zest for life is contagious to all those around them, radiating from all facets of their being. They are perpetual children, always laughing and looking for the fun in life. And they are inclined to spoil their children because of their love of their spirit. Yet when it comes down to it, this star sign has a huge heart and are more than willing to share.

And their sense of humor is unmatched. Tags ascendant leo rising sign.

Perfect Astrological Partners

Your email address will not be published. Her manners and ability to keep themselves fascinate others. However, she does not always manage to make a good impression due to her negative qualities of character, which can intensify at the most inopportune moment. There are two faces of personality in it: it strives to become an ideal, the other does everything for the sake of show-off and attention.

Leo Rising/Ascendant: Characteristics, Personality, Traits

Sometimes a woman with an ascendant in Leo finds it difficult to understand true desires and aspirations. A woman with a rising sign of Leo is important to choose the right partner of life. Her strong and domineering character can break the will of many confident men. At the same time, a strong character, the man will constantly fight with her for leadership in the pair.

Such a person needs someone who will not interfere with her development, career growth and creativity. He should give her the necessary freedom, but at the same time, surround with attention, care and warmth. She must be admired. Choosing a partner for women with an ascending Lion is not an easy task.

1. Calculate Natal Charts for You and Your Partner

It is very important for them to find a chosen one who can understand her emotional impulses and desires. She not only knows how to impress others, but she is also endowed with nature with self-confidence and bright appearance, because the Ascendant in Leo is with a woman. Vain and impulsive person, to which men are treated with caution. After all, she attracts her eyes with her explosive character and inimitable appearance.

Leo Rising Significance

She is a real actress, who does not even need theater education to prove her talent. Look particularly for your partner's Sun, Moon, and personal planets that occupy signs that are harmonious with your Saturn and visa-versa. These are important markers of commitment. The outer planets are slow moving generational planets that stay in one astrological sign for years. Unless your ages are very different, it's likely you and your significant other have all three outer planets in the same astrological sign.

They represent qualities that are not part of the physical world and that don't typically identify as reality. Individuals who are in a relationship that has many outer planet connections to personal planets will find that they are in a relationship that will, in one way or another, transform their life.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion. It's about questioning the rules and defying authority. Its sign placement indicates where you think for yourself and do it your way.

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  • If it occupies a sign that is compatible with your lover's planets and points, or vice-versa, it injects sudden change, unconventionality, experimentation, and instability into a relationship. Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasies, romance, addictions, spirituality, compassion, and confusion. Where Neptune contacts are made you can be seduced, and it will be difficult to distinguish reality from fantasy. When Neptune is in a sign that is compatible with the signs of your partner's planets and points, or vice-versa, it can easily inject heavenly bliss, blissful blindness, unconditional love, dreaminess, idealism, fantasy, illusion, delusion, uncertainty, and even melancholy into a relationship.

    Pluto is the great transformer. It represents deep transformational change, sex, intimacy, death, and rebirth. Even the ease of compatibility between Pluto's sign and the signs of your partner's planets and points, and vice-versa will inject passion, intensity, obsession, possessiveness, and depth to the relationship.

    Venus enters Sagittarius

    Your paper is likely to be filled with many green connecting lines at this point. You may even believe you've found your soul mate. But perfect is as perfect does, and too much compatibility and ease in a relationship can make it boring and stagnant. It is planets and points that are in signs that challenge one another that create the sparks that keep a relationship exciting, alive, and ever growing.