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Wednesday, October 9, Lagna or Ascendant is perhaps the most important parameter in any horoscope. Everything is judged with respect to Ascendant. For example-2 nd house is not the house of wealth but it is the wealth of ascendant. So if the Ascendant and its Lord is strong, the foundation of the chart is strong and any good yoga will be able to function properly only if the Lagna and its Lord is Strong.

Read Importance of Lagna or Ascendant When we see any famous person, we actually see his image not the original person. For example if a student is studying in a big university, we assume that the student is very intelligent which may be or may not be true. Here comes the Arudha Lagna.

Lagna is our true self and Arudha Lagna is how other people see us.


We may not be a person of high morality and ethics but people may think us like that only. This is the beauty of Arudha Lagna. Benefic Aspect to the Arudha Lagna plays an important role. So this is another important astrological combination for fame. Upachaya houses are very important for materialistic perspective.

Muntha (astrology)

SO it is an important astrological combination for fame. When 11th Lord is in 2nd house, it shows huge financial gain. As Saturn is the Karaka for Masses, a strong Saturn with rahu or Venus can make a person famous among masses.

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Like a Popular Mass Leader or a politician. Moon is also an important factor while considering astrological combination for fame in a birth chart. Before checking any Yoga of Fame, we must see if there in any potential of getting fame in the Horoscope. Especially if Moon is well placed in 5 th house or 10 th house, it helps a lot in reaching to masses being famous. But it does not mean everyone who is having a well-placed moon in 5 th or 10 th will become famous but it is a key factor for reputation. Read: How to Know about Financial Prosperity from Astrology If there is any stellium of planets in any particular house.

Like 4 planets or 5 planets in one particular house. It gives very heavy emphasis on that particular area of life. So it is a vital astrological combination for fame. When judging exalted planets, need to check the dispositor or owner of that house too. Suppose Sun is exalted in Aries but Mars is debilitated in Cancer, the power of Sun will reduce a lot where as if the mars is also exalted in Capricorn and also aspecting the Aries sign, it will increase the strength of sun manifold.

11th house and our desires - Astrology

So carefully check the strength of exalted planets because it plays a vital role in deciding astrological combinations for riches. The 10 th house is the house of Fame astrology.

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  • A well placed planet is a boon here. Even a Planet Like Rahu north node can give massive Fame here. Rahu wants everything in abundance, so whenever it is favorably posited it can signifies massive fame in vedic astrology among masses specially as an actor or a politician etc.

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    If the 10 th Lord is strongly placed it helps in achieving recognition. So if the 10 th lord goes to 7 th house, it is a good indication. Bolywood Actor Shahrukh Khan has Rahu or north node in 10th house and in the period of Rahu, he reached to the top. So the planet for sudden fame Vedic astrology is Rahu. Read- How to decide Job or Business? And more importantly, why aren't people listening, and going in front of the White House and demanding answers?

    Because we are all afraid. We love being inside our den like a wolf, and do not want to concern ourselves with world matters that are not affecting us. But, the truth is, they are affecting us, but in such a form and time frame, that we may not suffer, but our great grand kids will surly see its effect. This was also the message of the greatest truther Stanley A.

    Why is it that secret societies pray to Amun Ra and not Jesus Christ? Why is it that they pray to Saturn for power and wealth and not Venus as suggested in pop-culture studies of astrology? This is the reason why I went into writing my book series KYIRUX, because even though I can not pick up a gun and fight the world, I feel words are more powerful than any weapon known to man. In a different story, the constellation represents Deucalion, son of Prometheus, who survived the great flood along with his wife Pyrrha.

    In Babylonian mythology, Aquarius is identified as GU. LA the great one , the god Ea himself and, in Egyptian tales, the constellation was said to represent the god of the Nile. Interest in mysticism and astrology, service-oriented, quiet, honest, philosophical nature, political interests, travel for educational purposes, intelligent, trouble with alcohol, deception.

    Truthful, principled, charitable, writing skill, excellent memory, interest in astrology, psychology, daring, adamant, bold nature, defeats enemies, opinionated, independent, artistic nature. The moon in Satabhisha indicates a person who is a good healer or doctor, and who is mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific and visionary. However, they can also be secretive, reclusive, moody, depressed, opinionated and stubborn; and suffer setbacks in relationships and marriage as a result.

    The moon in Satabhisha indicates a person who is a good healer or doctor, and who is mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific and a visionary.