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If there is any hope for some peace and resolution to the many conflicts across the globe, this could be the time. The wisdom of small things, is the symbol here or, in normal terms, what we can glean from seemingly minor happenings and events, to be turned in to greater use as a means of hope and resolution. Last week of March, hallelujah!

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Venus brings up the eclipse of the 8th in a very sweet way. Hope is back. And down the calendar April is looking better. One must get through the year in the best possible way, obey the rules say the stars. MARCH th even in this turbulent month there are some helpful elements for your solar return charts. The Aries moon of the 11th adds itself to the fire planets to lift up and ignite your fighting spirit. The exalted Taurus moon of the 12th lines up to Jupiter and Pluto and if anything can bring good news, this is it!

The nice angle between Venus, Jupiter and Pluto is another birthday gift, all of which will help to mitigate the one negative aspect, who else? Nothing can stop you unless you let it. MAY th Planetary line ups for March enhance your Suns, some of the very few at this moment in time. Not knowing specifics about individual charts, I can only says that the Sun, being a major piece of a chart, when strongly and well aspected, makes for a better outcome in all areas of endeavor.

Your Guide to Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They’ll Affect Your Life

Work and health stand at the top of the list. Saturn opposing your Sun, your energy, makes the usual tasks seem arduous, and well, because they are. The square from Neptune to the first two birthdays makes things even more confusing. April is the better time.

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JULY th The Solar eclipse of the 8th along with Chiron, lends a very strong beacon of help and hope, which adds to the general intensity of your life along with an opposing element from crazy making Uranus. You are under some very contradictory and powerful aspects, but that eclipse vibe stays in power for over a year and the others will float away. July th This late month lunar eclipse is your friend! Especially with Mars to enhance your hopes and wishes. Magic can happen in the strangest ways,.

You can do almost anything! Late April is your time, so much fire energy, fire is inspiration! Just be careful not to burn yourself please!

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This is your destiny moment, make the best of it! Full moon eclipses on one side of the year, greatly influence their diametric opposites, say September 23, 24th There is a great light shining on you for some reason, this is a good thing. Listen to Jen and Lou rap about the divine feminine rise and healing of the divine masculine that is amped up on this lunation!

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  • The aptly names Pink Full Moon is full of possibility. Pisces New Moon Change and Chaos.

    Astrology/Tarot Feb 26-March 2: Waves of Neptune; Pisces Lunar Eclipse

    The Pisces New Moon on Mar 6th is part of a vortex of change and chaos over the time before and around it with Mercury stationing Rx and Uranus entering Taurus to begin a new 84 year cycle. Listen to Jen and Lou rap about this vortex of chaos and how it's an opportunity to step into something amazing and magical. Full Snow Moon Feb 19th The Patriarchy is f ked. In this episode Jen and Lou rap about the upcoming Full Moon and the other shifts in energy that lead into it. Use them wisely! Aquarius New Moon Feb 4 Fire It Up! July 31st 12pm PST.

    What a powerful lunation. It's definitely time to raise that lightness and joy and start howling at the Moon! Eclipses Again!

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    Jen and Lou rap about the upcoming Eclipse and how it's time to roll your sleeves up and get to work. They look at Astrology, Numbers and more! Cancer Full Moon.

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    In this episode Jen and Lou rap about the last new Moon of and wow it's one that really launches us into the future. Included in this episode is how the energies are an invitation and opportunity to really launch or leap into a new future and creative vision. Scorpio New Moon Nov 7 Expect surprises and Major shifts. Expect the unexpected and remain open. Hear all about it here! Libra New Moon and Venus Retrograde. Lots of themes of wrath and rage but also rebirth. Aries Full Moon Sept 24th with Lou.

    A quick podcast recorded before flying to UK for 2 weeks. Jen and Lou were unable to get together for this so Lou did this part alone. Jen and Lou rap about the Astrology and numbers of the coming New Moon and the energies around it. And Lou deems it to be the Socialist New Moon :.

    Solar Eclipse Aug 11 and the Lead In. Jen and Lou rap about the third of three Eclipses and the energy around it and give guidance to help you through! Lunar Eclipse July 27 and Mercury Retrograde. Jen and Lou rap about the upcoming total Lunar Eclipse and the ramifications for you! Today's Top Stories. Nafsika Skourti's Designs Transcend Borders. Shop ELLE.

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