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I'm glad that you admit Leo is strong. And yes, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, but Leo is ruled by the SUN and contrary to some modern astrologers' claims, the Sun is by faaaaar a stronger force than Pluto or Plutonium. It is quite literally the strongest force in the entire solar system so it's baffling why astrologers keep forgetting that basic astronomical fact. Leo is also symbolized by a lion, a far stronger animal than either a ram or scorpion.

It's also ruled by the Strength Tarot Card. So all of this proves that Leo, not Scorpio is the strongest sign in general. We have a female miniature dachshund that we are having difficulty house training her to potty outside only. She was born January 11, Dachshunds are a difficult breed to potty train and may never be completely housebroken.

Love and Compatibility for February 20 Zodiac

Using food only outside! Negative reaction makes it worse. Crate training is VERY helpful as they will not go in their bed. I think my cat is a Cancer.

He's not too quick on the uptake, not very energetic, but he is always by my side. Not a lap cat!!!

But nearby, always. Skip to main content. By Celeste Longacre. February 12, Tags Zodiac signs pets dogs cats. What do you want to read next? Pisces Zodiac Sign. Find the Right Puppy for You. Zodiac Sign Profiles. Cancer Zodiac Sign. Cancer Zodiac Sign: Dates, Setting Chicken Eggs by the Moon's Miniature Farm Animals and Gemini Zodiac Sign: Dates, Taurus Zodiac Sign.

Chinese New Year The Year of Please advise us on training her. I am a Libra..

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Am I compatible with my dog? I am a Sagittarius. The Almanac Webcam. Your versatile nature and ability to quickly adapt to any situation are commendable. You are gifted with excellent communication skills and may clearly view things that are hidden and confusing. Duality is your keyword and therefore you have a serious as well as funny side of personality.

You have an excellent ability to learn and may grasp any ideas or lessons quickly.

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You are nurturing and supportive, Cancer. Your real strength lies in the intuitions that alert you every time when you are about to fall in any pitfall. This makes you one of the most powerful zodiac signs of this list. Emotions and sympathetic nature allow others to bond with you stronger. Besides this, you are one of the zodiacs that are trustworthy and the one who can be counted upon in the hard times.

Confidence and courage define you, Leo. You are born leaders who are known to lead others and show their true power in handling difficult situations.

The Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

Your determination is inspiring and helps you to get easy attention at any party and group. A dynamic personality, headstrong nature, and the ability to take risks make you a strong zodiac sign. Critical thinking and picky nature define you, Virgo. You take care of every detail and strive always for perfection. Sensible nature and analytical approach are the strengths of your zodiac sign.

You exhibit an understanding of nature and show loyalty to the people you love.

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Among all the zodiac signs, you are the most intelligent zodiac sign who is altruistic and responsible in true sense. You are the strongest zodiac sign due to your fair and peaceful nature, Libra. You are lovable, social and can make friendly terms with everyone. Your versatility and free nature allow you to love the finer things in life.

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As a true diplomat, you are biased or unfair with your people. You are exceptionally stable, poised and mindful of things that are going around you. Sharp instincts and thoughtful nature give you a win in arguments. Mysterious Scorpios, you are determined and emotional at the same time.

You have a secretive nature that gives you access to face the most fearsome things in life. Being a water sign, you are good at expressing emotions and passionate about the things you love. You are a true friend and can be referred to as the most powerful zodiac sign due to strong will-power and intensity to excel.

Being an intelligent zodiac sign , you are wise and philosophical in your approach.

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You have an idealistic mind with a generous heart. Good wit and humorous nature are the strong points of your personality. You have a gift of entertaining people and an amazing way to see positivity in every dark thing. Open-mindedness with ambitious behavior are the key strengths you may boast of. Capricorn, you are another most intelligent zodiac sign of the list. You have excellent insight into the practical issues and stability in the matters of turmoil. You are great at organizing things and exceptionally intuitive when it comes to making decisions.

Trust, good understanding and exquisite strategy are the potential traits that may help you to achieve success and wealth in life. Aquarius, you are an intelligent and powerful zodiac sign.