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Whatever the situation, this is a date filled with love and emotion. Gratitude and a sense of value will give the vibe needed for happiness to resurface, and open them up for experiences that bring them satisfaction and joy. Their love life needs to share time and good will with all other areas of life and all challenges of work, finances and health. The best way to live life filled with this love every day is to choose a profession that truly gives them a chance to express creatively, though beauty, fun, and relationships that make them smile.

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These individuals will do well in diplomacy and politics, law, and different sorts of art. They need to find a way to express through emotion, and show their feelings to the world without fear of the consequences. This is an ultimate test of faith in its typical form of emotion vs. Oratory skills, intelligence, and high awareness will help them work within a team, even when their professional task means finding a shared language with difficult, stubborn, or strange people.

When in search for a stone to fit every need for a January 5th born, we should consider brazilianite as the best option. It is a crystal that enhances creativity, helps one release feelings of anger or bitterness and become aware of their personal power, as well as intentions of other people. Those born on this date love gifts they can work on, and all things that show how cherished they are. They will take care of a plant someone brought into their home, enjoy gluing together and framing a puzzle with an image of strong symbolism they got from a loved one, or use that love kit their best friend brought when they went through a breakup.

It is in their nature to seek love, and while they might appear rational, their deep need is highly emotional too. A creative individual with tact needed to mend the differences of any two sides of the problem, connects distances, builds bridges, and does a lot for others in search for their own happiness.

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This is someone who knows others, does well in teamwork, and understands that right and wrong are two sides of the same coin. You want to be mindful of both your actions and words today. So what if everybody is operating from the ego space?

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Remember, when you are being unkind to another, you are being unkind to yourself. Summon your higher self and ask her how she would navigate this situation. You already know the answer to this one, Scorpio. Cosmic tip: Resist the urge to be unkind to others. You have the choice to vibrate higher today. Take charge of your vibe, Sagittarius.

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Be mindful of who and what you are letting into your space. Allow yourself to set boundaries where you need to. Playing the victim card is so Two words: divine clarity. The gift of clarity will help you arrive at the right conclusion and plan your next move.

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Communication is an important theme for you today, both personally and professionally. In this cookie-cutter world, authenticity is truly a gift.

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  • As and when you find yourself at a crossroads, let your inner compass lead the way. Learn to be your own brand ambassador, Aquarius. Make the most of the networking opportunities being presented to you. Cosmic tip: Being at the right place at the right time could help you open the right doors, both personally and professionally.

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    Channel your inner flower child and make love where there has been war. On the career front, let your work speak for you.

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    • Cosmic tip: Those who are unkind to you are the ones who need kindness the most. Aries horoscope today When somebody is head over heels in love with you, it shows. Cosmic tip: There is a difference between intuition and paranoia. Taurus horoscope today Adulting: also known as the process of clearing the emotional trash can everyday. Gemini horoscope today The world is your oyster—literally so!

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