February month horoscope

Every sign in Zodiac brings its own particular luck for month ahead. In this section we bring the complete most comprehensive monthly predictions for you as per the Vedic moon sign and how your life will be affected by different transits of the planets. We have tried to provide you with predictions covering each and every facet of your life in a lucid and clear fashion so it conveys its message and furnish you with all the assistance you require for tackling the month ahead.

Word for the wise: set realistic expectations for yourself. Make time for rest and relaxation no matter how demanding your schedule gets. On the upside, partnerships of all kinds are likely to thrive.

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Continue to support each other in this journey, and to trigger growth. You are better when you are evolving together, Virgo. Does that mean your romantic life is lacklustre? Anything but! This is the month to discover new ways to pleasure each other. Slow and steady is your philosophy on the work front. You just have to trust yourself to find it. The best part: some of your closest friends promise to be your allies in this journey.

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Taking your message places is another priority. Getting a digital wizard board could be the secret to world domination. Turn to red amethyst for the strength you need to leave behind the things that no longer serve you. Your affirmation this month: I allow myself to receive all the love I put into the Universe. Let love in, Libra. Allow others to make you feel special for a change.

This could be a particularly challenging time on the interpersonal front.

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Your closest people could let you down. Listening to the other side of the story comes easy to you. In a world of fast fashion, be the flag bearer of quality and craftsmanship.

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Tap into the power of social media to spread your message. Ask and you shall receive. Building a life for yourself that stands on a steady foundation is seldom easy. But you and your partner have already put in the work. Now is the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits. Your revelations on this journey: that love does get better with age.

The kind of balance and harmony you are enjoying is a precious gift. The key is to resolve the block within you that is preventing you from receiving what you truly deserve. The real question is, what is the energy that you are bringing into the workplace? Be aware of where you are vibrating at. You want to create an environment that fosters growth, not hampers it. Start by honouring and acknowledging what others bring to the table. Detachment is the key to gaining perspective.

Allow yourself to step back and reignite your inner fire. Free love is not a crime, but keeping people in the dark about your intentions is. This is also the month to dance with your own demons and kiss them goodbye.

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This seismic shift is going to change the way you love and allow yourself to be loved. Your revelation in this journey: comfort zone is an illusion. Push your boundaries, Sag. The Universe is supporting growth and expansion. Who knows?

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You may find the yin to your yang along the way, that perfect person to co-create and spread magick with. Turn to onyx for when you are your own worst enemy, and you need to learn to let the good vibes in.

Which team are you playing for, Cap? Remember, your relationship with yourself sets the tone for your relationship with the world.

Love and relationships

For some, this month is going to feel like one long Throwback Thursday, with people from your past re-emerging. Allow yourself to venture into the unknown. What if there is more to this connection than what meets the eye? Break the bad habit, Capricorn. When the question of morals and ethics arises, take the high road.

Stand up for what you believe in even if you are standing alone. Truth and integrity have always been sacred to you. In other news, financial and romantic matters will become intense from February Venus in cautious Capricorn embraces Saturn and then Pluto, making you quite strategic when it comes to your business plans.

Your February 12222 Monthly Horoscope

You might make a significant decision about money or love that has long-term ramifications. Whatever decision this is, it's one that you'll make only after careful consideration. A Full Moon in discerning Virgo on February 19 will help you let go of whatever approach in your life is counterproductive to you becoming the best version of yourself.

Any hard habits to break will melt away under this energy. You'll have no trouble releasing what you know is an unrealistic perspective in order to finally produce the results you've been looking for all along.