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More on Friends and Relationship. See also which Zodiac signs are attracted to you and which signs are repelled by you. Are you on the cross roads of a relationship? Our Compatibility Report is one of the widely recognized service. Order yours now. We offer free online services like Love meter, love chart, palm reading, auspicious times, lucky gemstones, panchang, 10 porutham, death clock, handwriting analysis, dreams, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes.

We do offer free numerology analysis report as well. Did you know that numbers have a link with your life and future? Your Birth Day number is one of the most important numbers for you. Get your birthday reading. Do try our Numeroscope section as well.

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Numeroscope is a personal profile of an individual, based upon his or her date of birth. Our Yearly Horoscopes give you a good view of the year ahead in terms of career, love, family, finance, travel and more. It would be a good summary of the year in a nutshell for the 12 zodiac signs. Also astrology calendars, Mercury retrograde trends, Moon astrology, equinox and solstices, etc are listed for your kind perusal.

What do the stars foretell for you today? The daily guidance you need is right here.

What will happen for the day? Look through our Daily horoscopes for every sign's outlook. Plan your week with this astrological update of our free Weekly horoscopes. The Weekly Horoscopes get uploaded every Monday. The weekly horoscope is a general approach to predicting your life over the course of a week. With each month, comes a fresh set of challenges and obstacles but it always help to read the monthly horoscopes for the period. Get most accurate Monthly horoscope and astrological predictions for the month ahead from findyourfate.

Our expansive and free monthly horoscope will allow you to know your future in all areas that concern you. Exclusive and professionally written by experts of the field.


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The monthly horoscopes interpret the message of the stars for a more balanced approach in life. The twelve zodiac signs are grouped into the four elements namely, fire, earth, air and water which form the natural world. The Fire Signs are Aries , Leo and Sagittarius which are passionate, dynamic and temperamental in nature and need to nurtured cautiously.

Taurus , Virgo and Capricorn are the Earth Signs who are the "real people" who remain grounded and are loyal to their near ones. They are concerned with action and brings about changes on Planets Earth.

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Are intuitive and have a passionate nature as well. The Sun, Moon and the planets of the Universe and their respective positions in the sky form the basis for all astrology related studies and analysis. Learn more about them.

Olga aristova astrolog

You can find your Venus sign , Mars sign , Jupiter sign , Eros sign , Psyche sign , Chiron sign , and Moon signs to get know about their presence in your Birth chart Interpretations. Any astrological study needs the position of the planets and luminaries and an Ephemeris comes to the rescue here. An Ephemeris gives the exact location of the various transiting planets in the zodiac sky for any given time and date. The Ephemerides were constructed as early as the 4th century BC and are useful to astronomers , astrologers and navigators across the globe.

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  • Heavy computing goes in deriving the ephemeris. We have to our credit the Ephemeris data for a year period ranging between to Have you heard about Mercury Retrograde? Mercury goes retrograde about three or four times each year, for a period of about three weeks each time. Mercury Retrograde Dates for As Mercury completes its orbit around the Sun in 88 days, it becomes retrograde three or four times in a calendar year.

    Outer planets have less frequent, but longer lasting periods of retrograde motion. Mercury rules over transport and communications and when it retrogrades, these domains experience chaos of sorts. In general lost mail, accidents, break-ups, and other mishaps are associated with Mercury retrograde periods. But one cannot hide under the bed for three weeks at a stretch and that too, about thrice a year.

    Choose to be extra cautious and tread along. Do not link every negative experience to Mercury going retrograde. Love powers the Universe and it infuses our lives with passion and joy. Got your true love in life, then you are said to be blessed. Viszet Oki. Deeply Emotional, intuitive, empathic, and motherly yes even for a guy.

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    It all makes sence to me now. Thanks for the tally Trams, bravo!

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    Year of the snake. Lucid Lunacy. And a Skeptic I think this is why the Cancer in me likes Scorpios. All the information the OP has collected so far may end up being off by an entire month. I don't believe this is necessarily true, though I often hear this being used as a reason to dismiss the zodiac. Frankly I don't believe I have some of the more pronounced traits of some of the signs.

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    The physical characteristics are interesting as well. For instance, the sexual areas are different for each sign, and seem to be accurate Virgos are aroused when their stomachs are caressed, etc. Also, things like Aries often having similar facial features, and more blood veins in their head and face, their faces often flush easier than other signs. Cancers my favorite match being that I am a Scorpio are often short legged.

    Scorpios are often light haired and light eyed. There are too many traits that match up to simply dismiss it all as nonsense. This isn't to say that some of the horoscopes out there are not bull, it is clear many of them are written so generally that they could apply to anyone. But I am more interested in the physical and character traits since there is clearly something to them. Here are dates to determine if you were born on a Cusp. As a mother, she is energetic, kind and fun to be with but she usually has no patience with children.

    For her to enjoy serious relationships, she must feel like experiencing one big adventure. Bright eyes.

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    Often the Archer moves in and out of hobby or interest groups, happy to stay socially unattached. A stellar way to attract Sagittarius is to be a stimulating conversationalist. Tell her your passions! Make her laugh! The Sadge woman is blunt, which can be freeing, since truth telling is liberating. Impress your Archer by knowing which arena she moves in, and being ready to hit the ground running maybe literally!

    Be her companion in adventure, and the love will grow. Let her be free and grow, because this suits her nature. Win her heart by supporting her when she takes risks. Cheer her on when she succeeds, and be there when she meets harsh realities. The Sagittarius woman is one of the more sexually uninhibited signs, but all fires need that initial spark.